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"Jersey Jon"is a name bestowed upon me by my good friend Mike Wolfe from "American Pickers" the smash hit tv show on history channel,, Mike and i met many years ago at an antique motorcycle meet and we fast became friends since we both had an appreciation for early motorcycles and bicycles as well as unique folk art and quality antiques.Mike had been making a living picking antiques for dealers  and would go door to door looking for the next big find, pretty much the same thing i had been doing since 1980 to supplement my income as an antiques restorer. Mike and i started" picking" together when he was on the east coast and when i went out west, where Mike lived,  we would both pick out there,, we have a great time on our buying sprees and have found some AMAZING things to sell.... So if you have something to sell i am always interested in buying,,, its part of what i do me!  Jon

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